Cambridge Day’s review of “The Party’s Over”

At the end of January, Marc Levy of Cambridge Day wrote an article about the band’s most recent release, “The Party’s Over”. This article touched on the polarizing nature of the single, and includes excerpts from the song as well as additional perspective from the band members themselves.


A live clip of “How Was Your Day, By The Way”


Summer 2019 Tour

The Cotones are planning a tour of the Northeastern United States for this summer! The tour will begin in Charlotte, NC on June 22nd, and take the band all the way to Chicago, IL on June 29th. In planning this tour, the band is hoping to visit cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Providence, and anywhere else they can so graciously lay their hats. The opportunity to meet fans in new places is deeply exciting, and the group cannot wait to share the specifics of the tour in the coming weeks.